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Jessica McGrath

As a U.S. Navy spouse, Jessica has enjoyed traveling throughout the world
and all around the United States, usually en route to the next coastal city she will
call home. With each stop on her journey, she incorporates the colors and
textures from her surroundings into the metal work of Studio JmcG Jewelry. She
finds inspiration from each location, through sea forms, landscapes and
architecture. Jessica's work expresses her pursuit of color, texture and form. She
adds color to her work through the processes of enamel, powder coat, resin and
thread. Layering color, texture, gold and oxidation throughout her pieces adds
depth and contrast to the designs. Jessica finds interest in and likes to photograph
small details. She uses these photos to make texture plates etched with the images,
and incorporates this textured metal into her work as essential components.
Jessica strives to create versatile, modern and functional jewelry that draws
its creative vision from the pairing of contrasting details of coastal scenery and
man-made architecture. Her work is both bold and timeless at the same time.
Easy to get noticed and easy to wear.
Jessica did not take the traditional art school route to her craft. Form, lines,
shape and color have always intrigued her. She first became drawn to jewelry at
one of the early stops of her travels when she worked as a jewelry and accessories
buyer for a major department store. She was amazed by the fabrication and design
process. The possibilities of what could be made seemed endless. This awe and
wonder led her to take classes ,which led to more classes and a life of learning and
Jessica McGrath studied Open Studio Art with a concentration in Metals at
Monterey Peninsula College. Today, she continues her studies and is a
community and board member at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. Jessica lives in
and makes jewelry out of her studio in the Annapolis, Maryland area